Changes in market patterns reflect changing perceptions in human preferences and lifestyle, whose transformation occurs at once unconsciously and by deliberate design. The present trend in food and drink packaging and presentation has underscored change as an unalienable part of our lives.

For the best part of three decades Mr. V. A. Khakharia, the CEO of SHYAM Plastic Machinery has concentrated singularly on designing and configuring machinery to produce end products that can surpass even the best internationally.


SHYAM has succeeded in maintaining high standards in Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine. Now, with SHYAM’s sophisticated equipments have begun to satisfy high expectations and meet global quality parameters in India.

Align the best end products with this line-up of sophisticated machinery, consider the specifications, and the reputation of the Company as a trail-blazing OEM, and you’ll know why the end product is aimed at zero-defect for crucial performance.



Prioritised improvisation and innovation lead on to product development and optimisation, and with continual R&D, become an indispensable phase in the Company’s pet blow moulding machine manufacturing procedures.

Testing, inspection, correction, and optimisation are crucial procedures in pet blow moulding machine manufacturing, and only then is the final machine ready for delivery. A genuine sense of commitment coupled with professional zeal impels SHYAM’s technicians to exceed themselves in putting together a product par excellence.

Quality dominates every aspect of product and corporate performance. SHYAM Plastic Machinery Pvt. Ltd. concentrates all efforts towards configuring and manufacturing machinery to standard as well as custom specifications.

To this end, the Company focuses sharply on the technical aspects that form the crux of smooth running of operations, without pause and breakdowns resulting from poor and inefficiently made machinery.



The engineering team conducts stringent tests for random inspection of Extruded or Blow-moulded Products prior to delivery of machines. Whenever necessary, customers are invariably invited to observe the functioning, are briefed and instructed about its use as a confidence building exercise, thus underscoring our commitment to continual service and back up support.

Efforts have been geared towards ‘zero-downtime’ performance, for which the Company has invested judiciously to ensure that the quality of products manufactured is defect free.

The Company has successfully established cordial employee relations, low turnover, and higher per capita productivity, leading to the high and steadily growing prestige of the Company.