Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine Automatic SP – Pristine Machine


SPSB Series of Two Stage PET Blow Moulding Machine


SHYAM PLASTIC MACHINERY manufactures excellent quality Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines for PET bottle production. Our Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machines have wider wide-mouth capability, faster PET bottle production rates, and shorter changeover times. Also have features such as preferential heating or heat-setting capability. Our Two stage Plastic PET machines can make bottles from round to flat bottle styles. With our two stage Automatic PET Blow Molding Machines you can produce various different shaped PET containers, such as mineral water bottle, beverage bottle, cosmetics bottle, medicine bottle, pesticide bottle, edible oil bottle, milk bottle, Juice bottle and many more types of Plastic PET Bottles.

Low labor consumption, high output, uniform bottle quality, easy and safe operation, and short changeover times make this system very efficient to operate, are the main features of our plastic machine range to meet the needs of various applications. It comes with one or two cavities and makes bottles or jars up to 5L at rates around 1200 bottles/hr. Controlled by PLC, the whole process from perform feeding to bottle discharging is complete automatically, with advantages of labor saving.


  • Quick Mold Change-Over using Mold Cage System.
  • Power Equipped Machine using Air Recovery System.
  • Precise Heating System using Heating Power adjustable in decimals.
  • High Output per Cavity compare to the other Machines.
  • Specially designed feeding system carries the preform automatically.
  • Easy installation and starting.
  • Advanced PLC control system with a use-friendly Control Panel.
  • Smooth and steady operation.
  • Long service life and reliable performance.
  • Independent & simple linear running system.
  • Powerful & Efficient Heating Unit with Precision Control and Convenient Adjusting Device.
  • Equipped with Specially Designed Air Storage Unit.
  • Cooling system to get perfect cooling result.


Specifications Bottles Wide Mouth Jars
Series II Pristine
Model Unit SPSB 02-2-Series II SPSB 04-2-Series II SP Pristine 02-5 (W) SP Pristine 04-2 (W)
PET Bottle Production Rate BPH 2800 4800 1800-3000 3600-5200
No of Cavities no 2 4 2 4
Max Container Dia mm 115 115 170 100
Max Container Height mm 350 350 350 350
Max Container Volume Liters 2 2 5 2
Max Neck Size mm 38 38 120 83
Max Blowing Pressure kg/cm² 40 40 40 40
Length (A+B) mm 5600 5900 8400 9000
Width (C) mm 2800 4000 2550+3000 2550+3000
Height (D) mm 2400 2700 1950 1950
Height (E) mm 3300 3500 3600 3600
Weight (approx) Ton 5.7 7 15 15
Utilities Electrical
Total Load kW 38 65 100 100
Heating Load kW 27 46 72 72
Air Requirements
Blowing Air Nm³/Hr 164 257 436 244
CFM 97 151 256 144
Blowing AirCalculated for 2800/H x 1Lx 32 Bar 4800/H x 1Lx32 Bar 2400/H x 5L x 28 Bar 5200/H x 1Lx 28 Bar
Operation Air Nm³/Hr0 0 0 0 0
Cooling Water Requirements
Chiller TR 8 10 10 15
Cooling Tower TR 15 30 - -


SHYAM is continuously involved in up gradation of its products and hence, specifications are subject to change from time to time without prior notice.


Blowing Air recollected in separate Air Reservoir before Exhaust. The same air is reused for all Pneumatic operations in the machine, practically eliminating the requirement of Operations Air, and thus reducing capital and recurring cost.

Automatic PET Blow Moulding Machine Automatic SP – Pristine Machine