Key Persons

V. A. Khakharia
Founder – SHYAM

V.A. Khakharia started SHYAM in the year 1993. He brings with him almost 50 years of experience in the plastic machinery industry. Under the able leadership of V.A. Khakharia, SHYAM has grown to be one of the most trusted names in the plastic machinery industry. He is completely involved in the design and development of our products.

Samir V. Khakharia

With the professional background of an architect, Samir joined SHYAM in the year 2001. As the Managing Director of SHYAM, Samir is involved completely in the product design and development. He manages the overall functioning of various departments of SHYAM such as marketing, finance, quality assurance and IT. Under his able leadership SHYAM has managed to achieve great heights of success.

Jaydeep M. Dalsania
CEO – SHYAM & Lead – Technical Team

Jaydeep joined SHYAM as a mechanical engineer in September 1996. Ever since, he has put in all efforts and involvement required to head of the technical team at SHYAM Plastic. It is his dedication and involvement in the conceptual design and development of products that has made SHYAM a big name in the industry. He has been the key player in developing various integrated Machine Automation to run the machines manufactured by SHYAM. He is also actively involved in quality management system integration, IT Infrastructure administration and commissioning and installation of machines at SHYAM.

Chetan V. Khakharia

With a strong financial background, Chetan entered SHYAM in 1995. Being very creative and innovative, Chetan has contributed a lot of new ideas for the design and development of new products, and digital management at SHYAM. He is also actively involved in the brand enhancement of SHYAM. The excellent convincing power in him has made him a key player in developing and maintaining customer relationships. Apart from this, Chetan is also into long-term strategy planning and goal setting.

Rajnikant B. Patel
Leads – Customer Care

Rajnikant comes with a post graduate diploma in Plastic Testing and Conversion Technology from CIPET, Ahmedabad. He joined SHYAM as a service engineer in the year 2006. Actively involved in the departments of commissioning and installation and Spares and Service, Rajnikant is a key player in providing After Sales Service to our Clients at SHYAM.

Mahesh Zalaria
Leads – Design & Development

Mahesh joined SHYAM in 1993 as a Design engineer, after gaining more than six years of experience as a mechanical draftsman. Through his extensive knowledge and industry experience, Mahesh has contributed greatly towards the success of SHYAM. He currently heads the design department and is actively involved in new machine designing and making improvements to the existing machine designs.

Manoj Patel
Leads – Product Developments

Armed with over a decade of hands-on experience in assembling, testing, trials, installing, commissioning and servicing, Manoj is the lead product developer at Shyam Plastics. He joined the company in 2004, and soon began to rise up the ranks. Today, he commands extensive knowledge in commissioning, installation, spares and service. Leveraging a technical bent of mind, Manoj is responsible for all R&D activities at the plant. He has quick-thinking, problem-solving. He looks after new machine designs and product trials. Always responsive to the ever-changing customer demands, Manoj is involved in mould and bottle design from start to finish. With his seasoned knowledge and a long practical run, Manoj is an ace resource at Shyam Plastics. His positivity and dedication towards his work and quick decision-making ability, makes him an effective leader. Manoj obtained his Diploma in Plastic Engineering from Nirma Institute, Ahmedabad in 2002. .