AutomaticPET Blow Moulding

4 Cavity - 5400 Bottles / Hour
2 Cavity - 2600 Bottles / Hour

These are two stage pet blow moulding machines that can be used to manufacture round as well as flat style Pet bottles. Being easy and safe to operate, these machines can help you achieve high outputs, while maintaining the quality consistently. Production rate ranges from 2600 bottles per hour to 5600 bottles per hour. Starting from feeding until the discharging of the bottle, the entire process is completely automatic.

Preform Handling

  • Robust gripping system in Loader and Ejector, to prevent breakage of grippers.
  • Hylam Carriers for longer life and noise reduction.

Heat Conditioning

  • Close Loop Heating Control (Auto Preform Temperature Control).
  • Positioning of Haters - Better, Faster and Simpler.
  • Individual Heater position adjustable in both axes.
  • Dual Neck Protection - Chilled Water and Air Ventilation for Heating Chamber with controllable Vent (for better heat penetration).


  • Servo Stretching (optional).
  • Dual Stretching to reduce cycle time.
  • Non Contact Linear potentiometer to achieve Precise Process control.

Mould Clamping Unit

  • Mould Clamping using Toggle mechanism for fast cycles.
  • Mould Compensation for Positive Locking.

Reduce Change Overtime

  • Quick Mould Changeover system.
  • No lifting equipment required.
  • No need to change cooling lines.
  • Less time and efforts required.
    1 Cavity2 Cavity
Machine Specifications
No. of CavityNo1122
Mould ClampHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Stretching TypeHydraulicServoHydraulicHydraulic
Production Per HourBPH80060026002400
Nominal Bottle Volumeml5000500020002000
Max Bottle Diamm200200115115
Max Bottle Heightmm350350350350
Max Neck Diamm461204538
Machine Dimensions
Lenght (mm) 5800580059008200
Width (mm)3800380040005600
Air Requirement
H.P. Air CFM100759088
Calculated at(5000 ml @ 32 Bar)(5000 ml @ 32 Bar)(1000 ml @ 32 Bar)(1000 ml @ 32 Bar)
L.P. Air (CFM after Air Recovery)CFM77Not Required
Electrical Requirement
Total LoadkW40453830
Heating LoadkW30302720
4 Cavity
Machine Specifications
No. of CavityNo44444
Mould ClampHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Stretching TypeServoServoHydraulicHydraulicHydraulic
Production Per HourBPH52005400460052004000
Nominal Bottle Volumeml2000200020006002000
Max Bottle Diamm11511511568115
Max Bottle Heightmm350350350225350
Max Neck Diamm3845454545
Machine Dimensions
Lenght (mm) 62005900590056005600
Width (mm)36004000400028002800
Air Requirement
H.P. Air CFMCFM164117142108126
Calculated at(1000 ml @ 32 Bar)(1000 ml @ 32 Bar)(1000 ml @ 32 Bar)(500 ml @ 32 Bar)(1000 ml @ 32 Bar)
L.P. Air (CFM after Air Recovery)CFM15
Electrical Requirement
Total LoadkW7378734765
Heating LoadkW5454543646
Specifications subject to change.