Semi AutomaticPET Blow Moulding Machine

Versatile Machine
( 20 ml to 5000 ml neck size 19 mm to 150 mm )

These versatile machines can be used to manufacture different kinds of bottles with neck diameter of 20 mm to 150 mm. The bottle / jar capacity can range from 40 ml up until 5000 ml.

Mould Clamping

  • Hydraulic mould clamping system to enhance power efficiency. It saves air consumption and hence reduces production cost.
  • Unique mechanical lock system for positive locking.


  • Close loop heating system and auto chamber temperature control (to compensate variation in preform heating due to ambient temperature).
  • Optional auto preform temperature control.
  • Positioning of heaters is better, ensuring faster and simpler heating. Individual heater position is adjustable in both axes to achieve optimum heating.
  • Air ventilation with controllable venting in heating chamber (for better heat penetration control).
  • Start-stop index type oven to minimize variation in temperature of both preforms coming out of chamber at a time.

Product Range

  • Versatile range to produce 40 ml to 5000 ml bottle / jar. Neck diameter ranging from 20 mm to 120 mm. Due to hydraulic operations, mould can be stopped where required. In case of small diameter bottles, this increases production rate and reduces production cost.


  • Two hand operations (till mould close function is complete) to prevent accidents.
  • ELCB in main supply for protection against electric shock.
  • Individual MCBs for all heaters.
Machine ModelSP-50OOHSP-5000H-PP
Machine TypeSemi Automatic
Max Blowing Pressure30 kg/cm2
Locking Force25 Ton
Mould thickness175 mm - 250 mm
Opening Stroke250 mm
Distance between Tie Rods445 mm
Total Weight (Approx)1500 kg2000 kg
 Two CavitySingle CavityTwo CavitySingle Cavity
Production800-900 Bottles/Hour
(1 litre Water Bottle)
400 Jars/Hour
(83 mm neck, 2 litres)
Max Neck Size53 mm120 mm53 mm120 mm
Max Product Diameter130 mm200 mm130 mm200 mm
Max Product Volume2 litres5 litres2 litresLitres
Utility Requirements
Compressed Air  
System Air7 CFM4 CFM
Blowing Air22 CFM for 1 litre water bottle @ 800 BPH @ 30 kg/cm216 CFM tor 1 litre water bottle @ 500 BPH @ 30 kg/cm2
Cooling Tower50 LPM @ 2 to 4 kg/10 TR50 LPM @ 2 to 4 kg/10 TR
Chiller-3 TR
Power - total Connected Load (without Utilities)
Heating Load9 kW24 kW
Other Load3 kW4 kW
Total Load12 kW28 kW
 415 VAC (±5%, 3 Phase 4 Wire + E, 50 Hz 
 (Other specifications available on request) 
Specifications subject to change.