20 Liters Bubble Top Blow Moulding Machine

For 20 Liters

This unique blow moulding machine can be used to manufacture 20 liter jars at the rate of 80 jars per hour. It is well-equipped with a mould compensation system and a unique mechanical lock. The auto-controlled air ventilation in the heating chamber enables successful heat penetration while minimizing the heat in the heating chamber.

Mould Clamping

  • Hydraulic mould clamping system to enhance power efficiency. It saves air consumption and hence reduces production cost.
  • Unique mechanical lock with mould compensation system.


  • Auto-controlled air ventilation in heating chamber for better heat penetration and to minimise ΔT in heating chamber.


  • Two hand operations (till mould close function is complete) to prevent accidents.
  • ELCB in main supply for protection against electric shock.
  • Individual MCBs for all heaters.
DescriptionUnit20 litre - SP-25000 H
Machine Specifications
No. of CavityNo1
Mould ClampTypeHydraulic
Stretching TypeTypePneumatic
Production Per HourBPH60
Nominal Bottle VolumeLitre20
Max Bottle Diamm350
Max Neck Diamm120
Max Bottle Heightmm500
Air Requirement
H.P. Air CFM (Calculated at 20 litre @ 30 Bar)CFM20
L.P. Air CFM @ 8 bar (without Air Recovery)CFM5
L.P. Air (CFM after Air Recovery)CFMNIL
Electrical Requirement
Connected Load Without UtilitykW22
Nominal Power ConsumptionkW 
Cooling Tower
Cooling Tower (for Blowing Machine)TRNot required
Water Circulating Pump With DOL Starter (for Blowing Machine)kWNot required
Cooling Tower (for Compressor) (20 TR @ 100 CFM)TR10
Water Circulating Pump With DOL Starter (for Compressor) (3 HP @ 100 CFM)kW1.5
Cooling Tower Total Capacity 10
Mould & Neck Cooling
Specifications subject to change.