Garden Hose Pipe Plant

Production : 350 - 750 kg / Hr

Our soft PVC tubing plant is built for maximum energy efficiency with specially designed screw as well as dies for tubing. High and consistent output is assured at all times. The plant can be used for manufacturing PVC tubing for different kinds of applications.

DescriptionUp to 350 Kg/hr500 to 750 Kg/hr
Granulating DieGranulating plateHole Size 3.5 mmHole Size 3.7 mm
No. of heating zone12
Die heating2.5 kW3.0 kW
Die Face CutterMotor Mounting1.1 kW1.5 kW
On movable trolley with railOn movable trolley with rail
Cooling DrumPrimary Blower1.5 kW2.25 kW
Declustering Blower2.25 kW3.75 kW
Axial Fan For granule cooling0.5 kW X 40.5 kW X 4
Specifications subject to change.
PVC flexible tubing, also known as polyvinyl chloride flexible tubing, or vinyl tubing is ideal for many uses such as food, beverage, fuel, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical transfer.