Suction Hose Plant

Production : 30 - 110 kg / Hr & Range : 3/4" -12"

More than four decades of technical expertise and experience has enabled SHYAM to come up with PVC suction hose plants of excellent quality and performance. Through the use of advanced technology, we have successfully reduced the energy consumption of these plants from 0.32 to 0.24 units per kg.

 EX 4550EX 5065EX 6570EX 7075
Extruder - Rigid
Single Screw Dia.45mm50mm65mm70mm
L:D Ratio21:125:125:125:1
Motor kW7.5 kW11.25 kW15.00 kW15.00 kW
Extruder - Soft
Single Screw Dia.50mm65mm70mm75mm
L:D Ratio21:125:125:125:1
Motor5.65 kW11.25 kW15.00 kW15.00 kW
Motor kW1.5kW1.5kW1.5kW1.5kW
Min. Pipe ID3/4"3/4"2"3"
Max. Pipe ID1 1/2"8"8"8"
Cooling Truff MaterialSSSSSSSS
Length34 mtrs34 mtrs34 mtrs34 mtrs
Heating & Cooling
Barrel Heating Zones8 nos8 nos8 nos8 nos
Blower for cooling8 nos8 nos8 nos8 nos
Die Heating Zones6 nos6 nos6 nos6 nos
Heating Load17.00 kW21.00 kW26.00 kW30.00 kW
Moter & Blowers17.00 kW26.00 kW34.00 kW41.00 kW
Production kg / Hr.306090110
Range3/4" to 2"3/4" to 8"2" to 8"3" to 8"
Connected Load
(Without Utilities)
36.00 kW47.00 kW60.00 kW71.00 kW
Specifications subject to change.

PVC Suction Hose is widely used in Agriculture, Fluid & Chemical Transfer, Food & Syrup Handling, General Water Suction & Discharge, Hopper Feeder Lines for Resin, Irrigation Lines, mining Pumps, Pneumatic Conveyance of Granular Materials, Vacuum Lines, etc.