Braided Hose Pipe Plant

Production : 90 kg/hr & Range : 5mm to 50 mm

Introduced in the year 1993, the PVC Braided hose plant manufactured by SHYAM has found its way across many industries such as Agriculture, Construction Oil, Chemical Industry and Drainage Systems. Continuous innovations and in-depth knowledge of the product has helped us increase the output of this plant from 40kg per hour to 90kg per hour.

Extruder2 Nos.
Single Screw Dia.65 mm
L:D Ratio25 : 1
Motor kW11.25 kW each
Spiral Winding Machine
No. of Disk2
No. of Spindles per disk18
Total Connected Load63.00 Kw
Heating Load31.400 kW
Motors & Blowers31.600 kW
Tension3 Phase 415V + 5% N+E
Frequency50 Hz
Suitable size5mm to 50mm
Max. Line Speed Mtr/Min10
Max. Production kg/hr90
Utility Requirement
Ancillary Equipments 
Palatising Plant90 kg/hr
Mixture40kg Batch Size
Cone Rewinding Machine6 Spindles
Air Compressor2 HP
Cooling Tower20 TR.
Water Circulating Pump6000 LPH (2HP) 2 Nos.
Chiller10 TR.
Specifications are subjected to change.

Braided Hoses are widely used in Agriculture, Drainage Systems, Chemical Industry, Construction Oil and many other industries. PVC Braided Hose is strong enough to withstand high pressure. It is light in weight than rubber hose and its smooth inner surface permits easy fuid flow.

Its excellent transparency allows air locks, ensures detection of blockage in less time and hence saves costly down time. It is also useful for air-pneumatic-water and chemical applications.