PVC Pelletising Plants

Production : 350 - 750 kg / Hr

SHYAM’s PVC Pelletizing are used along with Twin-Screw Extruders to Produce PVC granules up to 750 kg per hour. We use a specially designed granulating die that offers smooth and uniform flow. The concentric die face cutter is designed with a special blade that offers a clean cut for uniform sized and shaped pellets. Efficient cooling provided by the cooling drum ensures the moisture that is needed to produce contamination-free pellets.

DescriptionUp to 350 Kg/hr500 to 750 Kg/hr
Granulating DieGranulating plateHole Size 3.5 mmHole Size 3.7 mm
No. of heating zone12
Die heating2.5 kW3.0 kW
Die Face CutterMotor Mounting1.1 kW1.5 kW
On movable trolley with railOn movable trolley with rail
Cooling DrumPrimary Blower1.5 kW2.25 kW
Declustering Blower2.25 kW3.75 kW
Axial Fan For granule cooling0.5 kW X 40.5 kW X 4
Specifications subject to change.

Concentric Die Face Cutter

  • Specially designed blade to provide clean cut with uniform shape and size of the pellets.

Cooling Drum

  • Pneumatic Conveying
  • Efficient cooling to provide moisture and contamination free pellets.