Partially AutomaticBlow Moulding Machine

800 to 850 Jars / Hour 950 to 1000 Bottles / Hour

These Low Cost Pet Stretch Blow Moulding Machines used mainly to manufacture wide mouthed jars with production rate of up to 800 jars per hour. The neck size ranges from 38 and 110 mm, with maximum capacity of 2.5 liters. Manufactured with Single cavity, these machines offer unique neck protection during blowing and heating.

Manual Loading of Preforms.
Auto Ejection of Blown Containers.
Proportional Hydraulics.
Easy to operate.

ModelSP Flex 01-2 W (Jar)SP Flex 01-2 (Bottle)
Production Rate (Bottle-Jar/Hour)800-850900-1000
Max. Bottle / Jar Volume (ml)25002000
Max. Neck Size (mm)11063
Min. Neck Size (mm)3825
No of Cavities11
Max. Container Dia. (mm)135110
Max Container Height (mm)350350
Max. Blowing Pressure (Kg/cm2)3535
Heating Load (kW)2821
Total Load (kW)2623
Air Requirement
Blowing (CFM)40 (2000 ml @ 25 Bar)30 (1000 ml@32 Bar)
Operation Air6 CFM6 CFM
Heating Load2821
Other Load55
Total Load33 kW26 kW
Specifications subject to change.